Chat-Based Tourist Information & feedback System

Let your visitors tell you about their experiences through the platforms of their choice, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger. Our easy to use chat and chatbot interfaces will allow you to gather a wealth of data and analytics on every part of a tourist’s journey through your beautiful country. Where it’s a meeting, incentive, exhibition or conference ensure to gain returning visitors that recommend you to their friends & colleagues as their preferred destination:

  • PRE-STAY: - Assist visitors in their destination decision making progress by answering any questions at the point where they are researching for destination information. - Pre-arrival communication - Pre-arrival questions and surveys.
  • IN-STAY: Be truly proactive to your tourists’ requests by providing them with the tools to easily communicate with you during their stay. Millennials and today’s tourists are used to having all they need a click away. With in-stay communication you provide them with just that. Being attentive & listening to them during their stay might just be the very difference between a positive review and a negative one. Let tourists chat with staff using their own preferred channel (WhatsApp, WeChat, SMS, email, web or Facebook Messenger). Be where the tourist is. Solve problems efficiently & in short time before they depart
  • POST-STAY: Let tourists share their experience through our chat and chatbot based surveys. Quick, Simple and Convenient. Post-stay surveys is common practice for most tourist journeys. That’s why we work so hard on making our surveys stand out as short chat based questionnaire, well designed and easy to answer. Tourist can use the platform they feel most comfortable with whether it’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat. We are on the platforms tourists love and use everyday. Our surveys and instant communication tools not only help you solve problems instantly, but also gathers data over time to highlight recurring challenges at the during the tourist journey. Easily share the feedback with the relevant stakeholder groups and departments.
  • NEXT-STAY: Make it easy for visitors to choose your destination as their preferred destination. Customise future communication based on feedback received in all their journey stages.

WhatsApp Employee & Citizen Engagement Platform

Keeping non-wired employees informed and engaged is important to your company’s success. If you’re like most internal communicators, you probably use electronic channels (e.g. email, intranets, broadcast messaging systems) most frequently. For most employees, these are good channels. However, if you have drivers, housekeeping staff, line production staff or others whose work isn’t personal computer-based, they are considered to be non-wired employees. Help these employees stay as connected as their wired colleagues by ensuring non-wired tactics are a part of your internal communication plan.

  • Use What They Have: Workers in factory plants or on shop floors rarely have the time (or inclination) to listen to corporate messages so why not use what your employees are already familiar with namely, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Absenteeism Tracking: Employees no longer have to use their airtime to report sick days. We issue your business with a Company Branded WhatsApp number that employees can contact instead. The employee's manager is then automatically notified of the absence.
  • Reachability: Reach non-wired employee through notifications about company policies, announcements. Use employee surveys and polls over WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to gather feedback from the floor. Have one-on-one chat conversation between HR and employees.